At kat•tu•ma•rum, we inspire fun eco-conversations. Between kids & kids. Kids & teachers. Kids & Scout leaders. Kids & parents. Kids & the lady in line at the grocery store. 

We spotlight urgent eco-issues happening around us and use quirky designs to turn complex facts into fun conversation-starters. You don't need to purchase any of our products to learn about our ocean and the impact of plastic pollution!

In a Kat Eco·Camp, we do all the heavy lifting for you. We'll take your group of youngsters on a journey around our world and through our oceans. Then we'll discuss easy and actionable things that kids can do right now to make a change.

Climate ARTivist

Learn all about climate, how it's changing and how it impacts our lives, every single day. Kids will decorate their very own tote bag with their climate message for the masses.

Ages 6-10



Sip, Don't Suck!

Learn how you can live a plastic free life. From the bathroom to the toy room to the kitchen, take stock of the plastic in your life. Then discover some plastic free alternatives that you can try on your own!

Ages 6-10



It's a Party!

Learn how you can throw a plastic free party! With plastic free snacks and leaf confetti, having fun without plastic is easy - if you know how!
Ages 6-10





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