Making Memories with Nature

The best way to raise an eco champ is to be with nature! Here are some ideas that you can use to build memories with your family!
Here's what you can do in the garden:
  • Smell the Roses
    • Or daffodils or lavender or gardenias or whatever flowers you come across! Take a moment to stop, smell and remember that moment with nature. Scent is the only sensation that travels directly to the memory centers of our brain, solidifying the scent as a memory. So you'll be making lifelong memories while you are smelling the flowers!
    • Have little ones? They can smell the flowers too! It can also make a great learning experience, what flower is that? Does it smell nice to you? Take a picture of your favorite smelling flowers and tag us! We can’t wait to see your fav flowers!
  • Make Your Own Bird Feeder
    • Our birdy friends can always use a snack. And whether you live in a house, apartment or just a little room, there are plenty of ways that you can make a bird feeder. Here is a link to some fun DIY bird feeders!
  • Listen to the Trees
    • Go out and take a forest bath! The Japanese tapped into this powerful tool decades ago, and we can still benefit today. Just being outside in a forest can reduce stress and improve moods! While you are there, listen to the trees! Scientists say that trees talk to each other through their leaves, roots and fellow forest fungi. 
    • Can you hear what they are saying? Take a moment to pause and listen. What are they saying? What do the kiddos in your life think they are saying? 
    Here's what you can do at the beach:
    • Pick up Trash
      • The plastic we use everyday ends up in our oceans. Scientists estimate that 524,000 pounds of plastic waste washes up on beaches around the world. 
      • So if you have found yourself at the beach, take a moment to pick up any trash that you come across. Even if you didn’t leave it there, a sea animal is thanking you for cleaning up their home!
    • Paint Shells
      • Looking for a sustainable art medium at the beach? Look no further than shells! Find shells, or seaweed or beach wood or anything you come across during your beach stroll. Create a piece of ocean-inspired art or thoughtful message using what you found.
    • Feel the Sand Between Your Toes
      • Have you taken a moment to stop and feel the sand between your toes? To feel all those little tiny pieces of rock and minerals that have been broken down over the course of centuries. It’s a living piece of our planet’s history! Plus, you'll receive some positive body benefits like an improved cardiovascular system! 
      • When’s the last time you stopped and felt the sand between your toes? How did it make you feel?

    Because the best way to raise an eco champ is to experience nature!

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